Okay, let’s face it—2017 might have been a bit rough at times. 

So, for the holidays this year, we wanted to turn things around—bring a bit of love back into the world.

Thus, we’d like to prepare you with the tools you’ll need for romance.

Our carefully curated, organized, ready for action, COLOR Emergency Makeout Kit™

This kit includes the magical 2017 Makeout Jamz Mixtape—the second installment in our annual mixtape series. And this year’s is a banger.

It also comes with a classic hand-held cassette player for those peeps that don’t have a ‘96 Buick Roadmaster (or last year’s holiday gift).

Despite the long year, we’re so happy to have you in our lives. Our awesome team wouldn’t be anything without the trust and opportunity you bring us. THANK YOU.

We hope you make good use out of your new Makeout Kit™. Enjoy those sweet, sweet mixtape jamz, and have a very happy, fun and slightly dangerous holiday.